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R&D and Innovation
R&D Achievements

R&D Achievements

At an early stage of the company’s growth, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group firmly rooted itself in the domestic stomach medicine market and flourished with its product Lizhu Dele. In 1991, the company won the Million Yuan Special Award for its outstanding contribution to Zhuhai Scientific & Technological Progress. On the market for 30 years, Lizhu Dele has been tested and found to be 100% qualified by national and provincial drug supervision and drug inspection administrations. Lizhu Dele is known as a "band-aid" for the stomach, and is regarded as the first choice for the treatment of peptic ulcers. 


Shenqi FuZheng injection is a traditional Chinese medicine infusion solution produced with advanced digital technology. R&D on the drug began in 1985, and it was approved for production in 1999. In 2004, Shenqi FuZheng injection was protected by the regulations on traditional Chinese medicines, and won the first prize of the Scientific & Technological Award from the Chinese Association of the Integrative Medicine. In 2007, it was elected as a “Rest Assured Medicine”. It won the first prize of the Guangdong Scientific & Technological Progress Award in 2009, and the second prize of the National Scientific & Technological Progress Award in 2017.


In 2001, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group took the lead in proposing the concept of “Digital Traditional Chinese Medicine”. The company established a complete system for quality assessment, and a complete set of chemical fingerprints from raw materials, for intermediate to finished products. In 2017, the supplemental application of the multi-layer co-extrusion film bags used for infusion was approved by the China Food and Drug Administration. 


Ilaprazole is a national class 1.1 new drug for the treatment of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, and first appeared on the market in 2008. Ilaprazole won first prize of the Zhuhai Scientific & Technological Progress Award in 2012, and won first prize of the Guangdong Scientific & Technological Progress Award in 2013. The project “R&D and the Industrialization of Ilaprazole, the Original New Drug”, led by the chief scientist of the Livzon Pharmaceutical Group, Hou Xuemei, won the second prize of the National Scientific & Technological Progress in 2015. Ilaprazole for injection was approved for production at the end of 2017.


Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. began clinical investigation for the product Leuprorelin Acetate Microspheres for Injection in 1999, and it was approved for production in August 2009. In 2010, the company successfully completed the industrialization of the long-term sustained-release formulation for injection, and it made available for purchase. Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. thus opened a new charter of the technology of long-term sustained-release formulations. As an industrialization project of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Leuprorelin Acetate Microspheres has successively won the honors of “Famous and Excellent Products of the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association”, “Chinese Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Excellent Brand” in 2018, and “China's Most Innovative Preparation” in 2018.


In 2010, the Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. founded Livzon MABPHARM Inc., built an international biomedical R&D team, and developed a number of promising projects. Livzon MABPHARM Inc. has invested approximately RMB 1 billion in R&D, and already has 6 projects in different phases of clinical evaluation. The project “recombinant humanized anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody for injection” was submitted for clinical investigation approval in the United States and China, and was approved for clinical investigation by the United States Food and Drug Administration on July 28, 2017. The R&D of Livzon MABPHARM Inc. is proceeding as planned.


Livzon API R&D department integrates automation, machine learning, and genomics to rapidly accelerate the pace of scientific advancement in strain improvement. We treat the genome as a search space, leveraging high throughput to make discoveries in microorganism potentials. We use biology as a tool enables the development of novel API products and improve the yield of targeted molecules. To do this, R&D team built four uniquely flexible platforms including bioinformatics, microbial strain improvement, fermentation optimization and API quality research. By using genomics data and tools mentioned above, we have so far created a platform that makes it economically viable to engineer microorganism and build better APIs such as acarbose, lovastatin, oritavancin, and etc.

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