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Ilaprazole Sodium for Injection was Approved for Production

Livzon News
2018/01/10 14:21

The Livzon Pharmaceutical Factory and Livzon Research Institute received the Drug Registration Approval Document (application number: 2017S00556) from the State Food and Drug Administration. After 9 years of R&D, Ilaprazole Sodium for Injection was approved for production at the beginning of 2018, which came as great news for the Livzon Pharmaceutical Factory.

Ilaprazole Sodium for Injection is used for the treatment of peptic ulcer bleeding. It is an innovative drug independently developed by the Livzon Pharmaceutical Factory with an investment of more than 60 million yuan. The drug is administered only once a day, and has advantages such as long acid suppression, small individual differences in effectiveness, and few drug interactions.

Hou Xuemei, Chief Scientist of the Livzon Research Institute, said emotionally that "Ilaprazole Sodium for Injection and its active pharmaceutical ingredients have been in R&D for nearly 10 years. The new drug certificate and its approval for production show that any problem can be solved, and any difficulty can be overcome—hardships make us stronger! I would like to express gratitude to our team, to Livzon's alumni for their painstaking efforts, to the country for its support of innovative drug development, and for the good times working on this project. I am proud of Livzon!"


Hou voiced the feelings of all the researchers and staff of Livzon. In WeChat Moments, everybody expressed their excitement at the approval, which did not come easy.

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