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Menotropins for Injection

[Product Name]

Menotropins for Injection


Menotropins for Injection is a preparation of glycoprotein gonadotropins, extracted from the urine of postmenopausal women. Each vial contains 75 International Units (IU) of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) activity and 75 IU of luteinizing hormone (LH) activity.


Menotropins, in conjunction with HCG, is indicated for primary or secondary menostasia induced by secretion deficiency of gonadotropins and fertilitas feminis induced by anovulation.

[Dosage and Administration]

Intramuscular injection. Dissolve HMG in 1 to 2 ml of Sodium Chloride injection. For the start (the 5th day of period), 75 IU to 150 IU is given, once a day. After 7 day, the dosage is adjusted in terms of estrogen level and follicle growth and the dose increases to 150 to 225 IU daily. After follicle is mature, intramuscularly inject HCG of 10000 IU to induce ovulation. If ovary shows no response three weeks after injection, the administration should be halted.

[How Supplied]

Packing material:

Injection vial + Medicinal halogenating butyl rubber plug; ampoule;


(1) 75 IU: 1 vial/ box (1 vial+2 ml sodium chloride injection);

(2) 150 IU: 1 vial/ box (1 vial+2 ml sodium chloride injection).

[Storage Condition]

Protect from light and keep tightly sealed in a cool place (store below 20 0C).

[Shelf Life]

24 months.

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