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Mouse nerve growth factor for Injection

Mouse nerve growth factor for Injection

[Product Name]

Mouse nerve growth factor for Injection


The main ingredients are isolated from mouse submaxillary glands, a kind of active protein with 13.5Kd molecular weight. It also contains inactive ingredients e.g. mannitol, human albumin.


(1)Ocular diseases, peripheral neuropathies, diabetic polyneuropathy;

(2)Skin ulcers, corneal ulcers

(3)Hypoxic-ischemic perinatal brain injury, alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other dementia, spinal cord neuron damage;

[Dosage and Administration]

Dissolve with 2ml sodium chloride injection or sterile water for injection before use. Intramuscular injection at the dosage of 30μg daily (one vial), one time each day and 3 to 6 weeks for one course of the treatment.

[How Supplied]

Package material:vial for antibiotics;ampoule;


                          (2)1vial/box(2 ml sodium chloride injection).

[Storage Condition]

Protect from light, preserve and transport at 2~8℃.

[Shelf Life]

24 months

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