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About Livzon
About Livzon

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise integrating research & development (R&D), production and marketing of medical and pharmaceutical products. It was founded with a registered capital of RMB 719 million in January 1985. By 2018, the total assets of the company were over RMB 17 billion, and the annual turnover was RMB 8.86 billion with more than RMB 1 billion net profit attributable to the shareholders of the Company. The Livzon Pharmaceutical Group has invested approximately RMB 687 million in R&D. In 1993, the stock of the Livzon Pharmaceutical Group was listed on the A-share, and subsequently the B-share market. In 2014, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group stock was successfully transferred from B-share to H-share, becoming one of the few pharmaceutical companies in China to be listed on both the A and H share market.


The Livzon Pharmaceutical Group has complete, modern industrial chains and product groups, manufactures chemical drugs, Chinese patent medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients, microsphere and diagnostic reagents. The products in production and/or on sale including antibiotics and anti-tumor medications, traditional Chinese medicines, immunotherapy, and drugs pertaining to the fields of gastrointestinal, cardio-cerebral-vascular, and reproductive endocrine medicine. Among them the traditional Chinese medicine infusion ShenQi FuZheng injection and the company’s primary drug Ilaprazole, the 2 drugs have successively won the First Prize of Scientific & Technological Progress Award in Guangdong. The related research on Ilaprazole and ShenQi FuZheng injection also won the Second Prize of the National Scientific & Technological Progress Award in succession.


In recent years, the company has won many national industry honors, such as Top 20 Most Competitive Listed Pharmaceutical Companies, Top 10 Best Listed Companies in Corporate Governance, Top 10 Listed Enterprises for Investment Value, Top 500 Enterprises with the Highest Brand Value, Top 20 in R&D Strength in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Top 10 in Bio-Pharmaceutical R&D Strength.


Over the past few years, the Livzon Pharmaceutical Group has successively established Livzon Monoclonal Antibody Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Inc., Livzon Gene Detection Technology Co. Ltd. and Livzon Microsphere Technology Co., Ltd. This development was driven by the R&D of the company’s international biomedical R&D team. Key members include National Millennium Project experts and leading talents in Guangdong Province. Currently, the company employs more than 60 individuals with a PhD, 25 of which were trained abroad. Following a well-designed development strategy, the company has achieved expected results for the first stage in R&D of monoclonal antibody (MAB) biopharmaceuticals, long-acting microsphere preparations, and precision medicine.


The Livzon Pharmaceutical Group is dedicated to the improvement of human life and health. With this goal in mind, the company’s business objective is to provide world leading specialty drugs and to develop a comprehensive strategy for precision medicine and related endeavor. The company aims to develop patient-centered, personalized precision medicine, as well as to strategically advance toward the production of bio-pharmaceutical.