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About Livzon



January 1985.

Founding of Livzon Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.

December 1989. 

The company name was changed to Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Livzon Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.


October 1992.

The Livzon Group was restructured into a joint stock enterprise, and was named Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.

October 1993. 

The Livzon Group stock was listed on the A share and B share markets (in June); becoming the first pharmaceutical company in China to be listed on both the A and B share markets. 


January 1996.

The company name was changed to Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.

June 2002.

Joincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry Co. Ltd. became the biggest shareholder of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group.


July 2004.

The signing ceremony for the construction of the new Livzon Pharmaceutical Group plant was held in the Liangang Industrial Zone, Jinwan district, Zhuhai.

July 2008.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the first phase construction of the Livzon Pharmaceutical Group relocation project was held in the Liangang industrial Zone, Jinwan district, Zhuhai.


May 2009.

Mr. Zhu Baoguo, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Chairman of the Board, was named one of the Top Ten Outstanding Economic Figures of Guangdong Province.

May 2010.

The Shenqi Fuzheng injection won the First Prize of the 2009 Guangdong Scientific & Technological Progress Award. 


January 2014. 

The Livzon Pharmaceutical Group was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, which further extended the company’s solid steps toward modernization, standardization, and internationalization. Its standing on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited paved the way for the company to become a representative enterprise for internationalization in China.

April 2014. 

Ilaprazole sodium won the first prize of 2013 Guangdong Scientific & Technological Progress Award. It was the second time that the Livzon Pharmaceutical Group won this honor, after its Shenqi Fuzheng injection was awarded the prize in 2009.


November 2014.

The Anti-Viral Granule won the first prize of the 2014 Scientific & Technological Award from the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Anti-Viral Granule previously won the third prize of the 2013 Guangdong Scientific & Technological Award.

January 2016.

Ilaprazole won the second prize of the National Scientific & Technological Progress Award in conference that was held in Beijing.


November 2016.

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group relocated from Guihua North Road (Xiangzhou, Zhuhai) to the Livzon Industrial Park (Chuangye North Road, Jinwan, Zhuhai), covering an area of 427,000 square meters

December 2017.

Ilaprazole sodium for injection was approved for production.


July 2017. 

Chairman Zhu Baoguo won the title of 2017 Pharmaceutical Economics Person of the Year.

January 2018. 

The project “Research and Application of Triterpenoid Saponins in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicines” won second prize of the National Scientific & Technological Award.


April 2018.

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group won the honor of the Most Respectful Listed Company by investors.

July 2018.

The use of Chinese medicine composition in preparing Anti- EV71 (Human enterovirus 71) drugs, a patent of the Livzon Pharmaceutical Group, won the 19th Chinese Patent Award.