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responsibility 1. Assist the department leader to conduct on-site inspection of the subordinate production enterprises, scientific research institutions and operating enterprises according to the plan, assist and supervise the rectification of the existing problems and hidden dangers of the subordinate enterprises, and promote the improvement of the quality management system; To be responsible for the quality supervision of the production process of OEM manufacturers; 2. Participate in the investigation and risk assessment of major production quality accidents and major quality risk issues; 3. Assisted to complete the budget of the department and the annual quality budget of each enterprise; 4. Responsible for collecting and processing quality information of the group and timely reporting; 5. Assisted the daily management of the department and completed other tasks assigned by the leader. Job specification 1. Bachelor degree in pharmacy or related major, 25-35 years old; 2. More than 2 years' working experience in quality supervision; 3. Can adapt to short-term business trips; 4. Careful and responsible in work. Salary range: negotiable
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Livzon Corporate Headquarters
Quality management headquarters
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